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Matrix Panel System

Item Number: Matrix Panel System

For sophistication and functionality. For versatility. For a completely customizable, surprisingly cost effective panel system that meets the wide-ranging demands of today’s office environments, choose Matrix. Tailor it to your needs, your tastes. Impress for less. Add Calibrate® Series Storage and Day-to-Day® Tables for a highly integrated, functional space. Consider the Matrix Gallery panels and screens to support user’s privacy and wellness. The AIS Matrix system provides unique design and high quality. With its varying configurations and long list of accessories, along with AIS’s impressive lead time, Matrix is an obvious choice


  • One of the strongest full steel frame systems on the market.
  • Electrical system offers exceptional capacity and design flexibility with power and data cabling holes at every 8 inches of height.
  • Customizable post connectors allow for 90, 120 and 135 degree configurations.
  • Virtually unlimited capacity for electrical/data routing that can be accessed at any height.
  • Many tile options available: fabric acoustical, laminate, whiteboard, tool rail, embossed steel, perforated steel, painted steel and glass.
  • Tiles can be easily removed for field replacement.
  • Linear trim for a clean, simplified appearance.
  • Compatible with Calibrate® Series storage, Day-to-Day™ Tables and a wide variety of accessories to personalize the space.
  • Lifetime warranty.

Choose from a variety of panel materials and Grade A laminates for your panels and worksurfaces.

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